About Polar Cleats | Ice Cleats

We are located in Smithers, BC, Canada where ice and snow are a regular and welcome part of our winter landscape.

Use Polar Cleats in winter: there’s no better slip-on winter traction cleats for walking or exercising with confidence on ice or snow.

How to Attach Polar Cleats© to Shoes & Boots:

Attaching a pair of Polar Cleats© to your shoes or boots takes 2 easy steps:

  1. Place toe hole #1 over shoe or boot toe and holding loop #2 stretch back over heel of shoe. In most conditions this is the only step you need follow. For deep snow, add steps 2:
  2. Add Velcro strip through #2 loop and wrap over boot laces as shown.

Our studded ice cleats fit both men’s and women’s shoes to give everyone extra grip:

Small: Fits Women’s 6-8.5 and Men’s 6-8
Large: Fits Women’s 9-12 and Men’s 8.5-13

How Polar Cleats© are made

Polar Cleats© have been manufactured in Canada since 1995, giving them a long track record of satisfied Canadian and international customers.

Each pair of Polar Cleats are made one at a time by hand in Canada, offering a superb level of quality control and minimal chances of defects to each studded ice cleat.

We have recruited students to help with production, through this real world experience students are able to gain valuable skills while earning money for higher education.

Our ice cleats are shipped all over the world, proving their worth in various climates and situations.

Polar Cleats are for recreational use — walking, jogging, ice fishing, — as well as for industrial and commercial use — ice rink maintenance, winter sport cheerleaders…

Our customers include:

  • Canadian Pacific Railway
  • De Beers Diamond Mines
  • Barrick Gold Mine
  • State of Michigan
  • Chevron Canada
  • TSN T.V.
  • City of Austin Texas
  • Municipal Arena Maintenance Companies
  • Senior Centers
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Chiropractor
  • Freight Companies
  • NHL Hockey